Services I Provide
Personal Coaching
Personal Coaching focuses on helping the individual make desired changes in their life.  
I will help you define and clarify what is missing in your life and what you need to do to
create the changes you desire.

This type of coaching session begins with a six week contract.  At the conclusion of this
session the coach and client will decide on what steps are needed for future progress.

Initial meeting and consultation:   

Session includes:  .  
Six 45-Minute coaching sessions
Coaching sessions can be conducted in person or via phone
Unlimited e-mail coaching is available for the duration of the contract
Couple Coaching
Couple coaching is designed to revive, refresh, and renew your relationship.  Rediscover
one another and rekindle the passion you once had.  This type of coaching is for married,
engaged or those in a committed relationship.  It is NOT therapy.  Couple coaching will
help couples learn how they can improve their relationship and help it to grow into a
happy healthy life together.

I offer two types of couple coaching:

Group Sessions:

Group sessions run for four consecutive weeks.  The group meets once a week for four
weeks.  This is a relaxed environment in which couples can share experiences, ideas and
solutions for the various challenges they face.  Group sessions are limited to four to six
couples maximum.  Various topics are presented and the couples are given exercises
that will increase their knowledge about each topic as well as themselves and their
partner.  Individual and group discussions aid in developing ideas and creating
attainable goals to promote progress and change in the relationship.  

Private Couple Coaching:

As a coach I will work with you privately as a couple.  We will focus on your dreams and
desires for your relationship and your life.  We will address the various challenges you
both face and develop a plan to create the relationship you both desire.

This type of session runs eight weeks and is done in person.  We will meet once a week
for one hour.  As a couple you will be given various exercises to complete.  We will set
goals to be met in between each session.  Upon completion the couple usually had the
tools necessary to begin making the changes necessary to begin making the changes
needed to promote the growth they desire.    A half hour follow up session is provided
eight weeks after our last session together.  During our follow up meeting the couples
may decide if they desire any future coaching.

Initial meeting and consultation:   FREE
Parenting Coaching
Parenting coaching focuses on building the skills necessary to create a loving and
nurturing environment.  It enables parents to create a living environment where all
members of the family feel important and necessary to the family unit as a whole.  We will
work together to establish codes of conduct for all members of the family, define each
family member’s role and responsibilities, agree collectively on discipline measures and
establish routines that will help the entire family unit flourish.

The initial consultation will be held at a convenient location for both coach and client.
(parents only at this time)

The first meeting after the initial consultation will be held at the family home with all
members of the family present.  There is no time limit on this meeting.

The next two weeks’ meetings can be either in person or via phone and will last one hour.  
The fourth meeting will once again be held in the family home with all members of the
family present.  This meeting will last approximately one hour.

Two more weeks of coaching will be held with the parents, either in person or via phone.  
At the conclusion of six weeks of coaching the coach and client will decide if further
coaching is necessary.
Initial meeting and consultation:   FREE

Session includes:  Two in home meetings with no limit on time
                      Four 1hr meetings either in person or phone
                      Unlimited e-mail for the duration of the contract
BONUS:  Weekly check up calls from the coach to encourage
   Growth and assist with troubleshooting
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How does coaching work and Why?
Coaching works because of its design.  Have you ever heard a motivational
speaker or read an inspirational book and vowed to make changes in your
life?  Have you made those changes?  No?  Why?  Its not because you are
lazy or lack the ability.  Its because you don't have a clear goal in mind and a
plan to reach that goal.  Lets face it... This can be hard work and it can be
quite difficult to achieve if you do not have the proper support behind you.

Coaching will do just that.  You will set your goal, come up with a game plan,
and stick to it.  Why?  Because I will see you succeed.  We will form an
alliance in which our one goal is to see you succeed!

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