Nice Matters Award
The Nice Matters Award it meant to be shared.  It is does not have a
copy right and you are free to use it.  Our hope is that the award will
travel around the world.  Please help us by keeping it uniform and by
making no changes to it.  We are however open to input on
enhancements or additions.  Should you like to contribute anything to
this award please contact me at
Nice Matters Guidelines.

~ If you accept the award, please pass it on to one other person.

~ Please keep the award EXACTLY as is.

~ When giving the award, include one additional copy so that
your recipient can pass the award on.  Additionally you will want
to give your recipient information on how to obtain or create
additional awards.

~ Each award must include a Nice Matters Certificate, a Nice
Matters Logo Sticker, and a copy of these guidelines.

~ Information on this award can be obtained at  

~ I will be happy to post stories about your experience at the
Nice Matters Journal that is open to all at :
Because Nice Matters Award Journal

To post a story please e-mail me at