Nice Matters Award
Certificate Kit
Below you will find all the information necessary to create your
own nice matters award kit.  When you present the award to
someone you feel is deserving please include at least one blank
additional kit so they may pass the award on.

Each kit should include
1 Blank Nice Matters Certificate
1 Nice Matters Award Logo Sticker
1 Nice Matters Explanation Sheet
Copy and paste the text below in to your word processing program and print.  Please do not
change the text of the document as we would like to keep the award as uniform as possible.  
HOWEVER... do feel free to translate it into other languages.  If you have a gift for languages
and would like to help with this project, please contact me at
How do I get a kit?

There are three ways to obtain a "Nice Matters" Award Kit

1.  Purchase a preprinted "Nice Matters Award" Kit for a nominal
fee.  Look below for more information
2. Copy A Blank Kit.  (See below for more information)
3. Print your own with the information below.
You may e-mail me at or call me at 516.459.8874 to obtain a kit.  

For a small fee of $4.00 I will send you a "Nice Matters Award" kit which will include 10 "Nice Matters
Award" certificates, 10 "Nice Matters Award" log stickers and 10 explanation sheets.  This fee
covers printing and postage charges.
How do I purchase a kit?
How do I copy a kit?
Copy the Nice Matters Award Certificate and the Nice Matters Guidelines on a regular black and white
copy machine.

Because Nice Matters
This award is presented to ________________________

Date ___________________________

From _______________________________

You have received this award because:
(Note to giver: Please check all that apply)
___       Your warmth and kindness inspire me.
___       Your support and encouragement gives me strength
___       Your love and understanding give me courage.
___       Your kind words came just when I needed them.
___       You were there for me when nobody else was.
___       Because words along can not express the gratitude I have in my heart for all that you do for me
___       Your act of kindness was truly appreciated and deserves to be recognized.
___       Other: ____________________________________________________
This award is designed to be shared.  It is to be passed on to at least one other person you feel deserves
it.  Because Nice Matters… pass it on!

Guidelines on how to present this award, should accompany this award.  If this information is missing or should you
require more information please ask the person who presented this award to you or visit:
Copy and paste logo below. You can use a Xeron sicker maker if you wish or you can use
Avery labels.  I used Avery Labels #

If you would like to help with this project, please contact me at

You can click here for step by step instructions with visuals
Blank Nice Matters Certificate
Nice Matters Logo Sticker
Nice Matters Guidelines
Print out the guidelines below and give them to the recipient of your award with the logo sticker and certificate
Nice Matters Guidelines.

~ If you accept the award, please pass it on to one other person.

~ Please keep the award EXACTLY as is.

~ When giving the award, include one additional copy so that
your recipient can pass the award on.  Additionally you will want
to give your recipient information on how to obtain or create
additional awards.

~ Each award must include a Nice Matters Certificate, a Nice
Matters Logo Sticker, and a copy of these guidelines.

~ Information on this award can be obtained at  

~ I will be happy to post stories about your experience at the
Nice Matters Journal that is open to all at :
Because Nice Matters Award Journal

To post a story please e-mail me at