Nice Matters Award
Welcome to the Nice Matters Award page.

Below you will find information on the
award, it origins, and how to obtain
materials needed to present the award to
The Nice Matters award was originated by Corey Amaro in her blog Tongue in Cheek.    The
award spread quickly through out journals and blogs all over the Internet as a way to give
recognition to others for their support and kindnesses.   I was fortunate enough to be given the
award and it deeply touched my heart.  I thought that it would be nice if we could find a way to touch
as many lives as possible and bring the award to our friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances
and even strangers.  Why not spread the love?  

I consulted Corey about the idea and she
agreed.  I then put out the word in my blog to see if others
would like to bring this idea into fruition.  I received a warm welcome and proceeded forward with
the idea.
Introduction and History
Creating the Award
The first stage of the project was deciding what the award should be and how best to make it
available.  After much research I decided that a sticker and a certificate would be most cost
effective and easiest to reproduce.

The second stage was developing a logo for the award.  Once again I put the word out in journals
for all to participate.  I asked everyone to submit their ideas on what they thought the logo should
look like.  Voting was held on the main journal on AOL
Magic Smoke

The voting was held in four rounds.  The first winners from the first three rounds would compete in
the fourth and final round. The winner of the final round would then have the honor of their logo

being used for the award
.  Additionally they would get recognition for this on the award and
bragging rights!

I am happy to announce that Indigo from
Raven's Lament for creating and winning our Nice Matters
Logo contest

The third and final stage was making this award available and accessible to anyone who wished to
give the “Nice Matters” award to someone they felt deserved it.  What you are reading now and the
links below sees this final stage into fruition.  Keep reading or click on the links above for further
 (AOL has since closed down it's Journals page)
Sharing the Award
The award it meant to be shared.  It's purpose is to recognize others and share the good.  

It is shared freely with all who YOU feel deserve it.  It is FREE.  There is an option to purchase the
materials already put together in presentation form.  This cost covers materials, printing and
postage only.  No profit is gained from this fee received.

For information on how to obtain this award or how to create it yourself
click here:  
Nice Matters Certificate Kit