The Coaching Process: Explained

What is the first step?

Coaching is a relationship and it is important that we feel comfortable
working with each other.  In order to establish this you will first have an
Introductory Session free of charge.  After this session and agreement is
reach that we will work with each other once a week, for a minimum of six
weeks.  We can do this face to face or on the phone.

How does coaching work?

Each session we will discuss what you have achieved since our previous
session and explore your current challenges and opportunities.  We will
discuss your options on how to proceed so that you will achieve your goals.  At
the end of each session you will leave with a clear sense of what needs to be
accomplished during the week to come.

What happens at the end of our agreement?

After six weeks, we will discuss your goals and if you wish to continue with
coaching weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  Usually people find that a three
month commitment helps them to make the progress they desire although
some choose to continue coaching for longer periods.

How you will work with me:

Working together will provide you a framework of where you are now and
what it is you would like to achieve through coaching.   During your
introductory session you will fill out forms that will help me understand
what it is you wish to accomplish.  These forms will be able to help us see
clearly where your strengths and challenges lie.

I will listen to you and ask questions:

Each one of us uses verbal and body language that indicates precisely where
we are at any point in time.  I have been trained to identify these cues and
deal with any blocks that are slowing you down or holding you back.

In the coaching relationship the coach believes that you already have all the
answers within. Through powerful questioning the coach draws out the
answers from you helping you to realize what lies within.

Occasionally I will ask your permission to play Devil’s Advocate and challenge
you with varying view points.  This help to stimulate other view points and
ideas that you may be unaware of or it will solidify a thought, decision or
feeling you already hold.

I will hold you accountable for yourself:

If you say you intend on doing something before the next session, it will be
followed up.  For many people the simple act of saying to somebody else I’ll
get this done by…”  is a powerful motivating force – nobody wants to turn up
for a coaching session and say “I didn’t do the things that I said I would
during out last meeting.”

I will be non Judgmental:

Despite the best of intentions there may be times when you do not
accomplish a task or goal that you are committed to.  However, unlike your
parents, spouse or boss, you will not get nagged or scolded.  Whether you
accomplish something or not it is treated as information, this information
will tell us where you are at the moment and can be discussed and acted upon.
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